What film means to me.

I’m Brittany, 14102362_10207562610325077_592696558178578861_nand I grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia. With Atlanta having a huge film industry (and having family the works in the industry), I was always hearing about the latest films being released in theaters, and also film festivals. But unlike most, I have a slightly different taste in films.

I have a very hard time staying interested in a movie, and if I’m not interested in the first few minutes, I honestly have a hard time staying awake. I rarely like watching movies for this very reason, because most don’t interest me. I’ll be the first to say I’m not a huge Disney fan. I just don’t like to watch a movie multiple times. The whole Frozen epidemic made no sense to me. I watch a movie once, and then I have no urge to watch it again for a while, if I ever decide to even watch it a second time. That’s just how I am with films. So I don’t typically have any movie that I love so much that I could watch over and over.


The first movie I ever remember despising was Catch Me If You Can. I absolutely hated that movie. A few years after I saw it the first time, I watched it again in my Forensics class in High School and I loved it. I had a different perspective, and thoroughly enjoyed the film. Shows that sometimes with the change of perspective your opinion of a film can change.

Film genres I hate are Sci-Fi. I’ve seen a few, but they just didn’t interest me. I’ve never seen Star Wars or anything along those lines because it’s a genre that doesn’t captivate me, and doesn’t seem worth my time.

My favorite movies are the ones that first of all keep my attention, and keep you guessing. I don’t like a film to be predictable. I love comedies. I don’t like to watch anything that will make me cry, or make me sad. I’d much rather laugh than cry. The Madea d6f91c78c891716bd71d12d3aa7d677fmovies are some of my favorites (and I might be a little biased since they are typically filmed near my hometown). I love any movie with Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, and Adam Sandler. There was actually a film with Adam Sandler, titled Blended, that was filmed in my hometown of Buford, Georgia two years ago. I got the opportunity to see parts of it be filmed and it was quite fascinating.




Below I have attached the trailer to Blended, which shows an example of my favorite type of film.

I think films should be captivating, and entertaining. If it can make me laugh, and keep me awake, then I say that the film was a good choice, and will have a good review from me.


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