Field of Dreams Evaluation

In the film, Field of Dreams, a farmer decides to go against everything logical, and listen to voices that tell him to build a baseball field in his backyard. This ultimately takes up his space to grow corn, causing financial stress to his family. He decides to defy logic, and go with what his heart is telling him, and build the field, and then runs into the problem of having people come use the field. The inciting incident appears when a baseball player, who is dead, appears on the field. That’s when everything changes for this Iowa farmer. The story question, “When should you choose to defy logic, and follow your heart”, was a question that was on his mind all throughout the movie, along with the mind of his wife, who wasn’t sure what side to be on: logics, or her husbands. This film serves as a family drama, and is quite captivating from the beginning, as you try to figure out the point of the story, and honestly, why characters are appearing from the dead.

I honestly believe this story is simply to entertain, and is probably more geared to someone that enjoys baseball. But, I also believe that there can be a deeper meaning. The main character, Ray Kinsella, has to decide when to continue with this idea, and dream, and when to stop, before it destroys his family, and everything they have. He is the protagonist, and is the leading character. He struggles with what to do, but each time, decides that he wants to follow his instincts, and go for it. You then have his wife, Annie, who is struggling with wanting to make sure their family stays afloat, and they don’t lose their home, but also being supportive of her husband, and what he feels like he must do. You also have Mark, Annie’s brother, who is completely against Ray and his decisions. He doesn’t support him, or the fact that Annie at times supports him. You then have the main baseball player, which makes the first appearance, Joe Jackson. Him, along with Terence Mann, are the other focuses in this film, and both bring different meanings, along with a little comedy coming from Mann.

Personally, I was a bit confused with this storyline, but I think the most important aspect is the plot. Focusing on the story is very important. Without the storyline, there’d be no point to it all. Although I was a bit confused with where the story was going, I think it was the most important aspect of this film.

For this film, I believe it falls under two character conflicts: Man vs Himself, and Man vs The Unknown. For Man vs Himself, Ray is constantly battling with what to do, whether to follow what he believes is right, or listen to logic. You then have Man vs The Unknown, because you have voices talking to Ray, that he doesn’t know who it is, telling him what to do.

I think the weakest points of the story is from the beginning, it’s kind of confusing. I felt like it didn’t really have a purpose. Although I enjoyed the film, I felt like they could have had a more detailed back story, or more detail in general, or a more obvious point to the story. I believe this film is appropriate for families, but I think it’d be more entertaining for someone interested in baseball, or sports. Overall, I’d give this film a B. It was a good film, but it wasn’t my favorite.


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