“Psycho” Review

images-6Psycho, is a horror/mystery film from 1960. It is about a secretary who runs away with $40,000 from a client, which is the inciting incident of the film. On her escape, she stops by a motel and karma catches up to her. She is then killed, and the story unfolds as her family searches for answers. This film is considered rated R, which honestly I don’t quite understand, but I guess the film standards were quite different back then, making it a rated R film. It’s also a horror, and mystery film, which makes sense, but personally I did not believe it was scary, but I see how it fits under that genre. I don’t think there’s a higher meaning to the story. I believe it’s just simply to entertain. But I felt that the story was not complete. I felt like it just ended, and I wasn’t quite sure the point of the story, or the film in general. So I didn’t really know what the story question was. I struggled with that. After further evaluation, the story question could be two different questions: Would Marian get caught? and will Norman Bates get caught? Like I mentioned, I felt like the story was kind of incomplete, and personally didn’t feel like it was worthy of award recognitions. But I guess in the time period it originally came out in, it was worthy of it. The main character, Marian, a dynamic character, impacted the story in a huge way seeing how she was the one that stole the money, and that’s how the story unfolded. She also relates to the tragic literary hero. This because everything bad that happened to her was a result of her own doing. And then you have Norman Bates, the other main character, who is dynamic. He is the one that runs the motel. Without him, the story would not be able to take place, obviously since he is the one completing the murders.


I believe the most important aspect of the film is the plot. Without the storyline, you’d have no story. And I felt like the film didn’t really have much depth and was honestly boring in my opinion, and the only thing it really had was a somewhat interesting storyline at times. This film is definitely Man vs Man, seeing how it’s Marian against Norman, and then Norman against the other characters.


I think the weakest points of this film was the storyline. I felt at times it was dull, and very predictable. I was extremely bored, and was very confused to what the story question was, and what the point of the film was. I think this film could have done so much better if the storyline was a little more thought out. I think the strongest part would be the characters chosen for the film. They fit the roles, to a point. I was expecting to be scared, with it being listed as a horror film, but at no point in the film was I scared. I was just left confused. If I had to give this a grade, I’d give Psycho a C. That being because I think it could have had potential, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea, so to speak.


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