Steven Price

image_update_imgSteven Price is an Oscar-Winning composer for three well known films, Gravity, Batman Begins and the very popular Lord of the Rings. lord-of-rings-trilogyI thought his interview was quite interesting. He stated, “I grew up playing music. I love not having a proper job, and I get to play with instruments all day.” I think a composers job is pretty cool! You get to do what you love, and make a career out of it. One thing he said that I never really thought about, was how songs make the movie experience. Songs change the pacing and set the mood. He stated it’s like psychology and storytelling combined. That’s an interesting way to think about it. But it’s true. Music is what controls how you perceive the storyline. maxresdefaultWithout music, you don’t have a mood set, so composers are vital to the film industry.


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