United 93

united-93-2United 93 is a crime and drama film, that goes into the historical event of 9/11, when terrorists hijacked flight 93. You first are drawn to the individuals in the beginning, making phone calls, making plans for after they arrive, and how they’re completely unaware to what’s about to occur once they get on the plane. The inciting incident is when plane control center gets a suspicion that one plane was possibly hijacked. They were obviously worried, but they also thought, no way this is possible. Little did they know that it wasn’t even just one plane, but four. Which leads to the story question- will anyone step in to save their lives, or will it be lost by the hands of these terrorists.

The first thing I noticed at the beginning of the film was how the shots are changed rapidly. They didn’t focus on one person too long. They’d switch to multiple different people, and what they’re doing- talking on the phone to a loved one, grabbing their bag, or giving a hug. To me, this showed how each person had their own life, the moments happen quickly, and each of these people did not know that this would be their last phone call, their last trip, or their last hug.

images-7Another thing I noticed was that almost every single hijacker looked nervous, or in a way sad, in the beginning as they are sitting on the plane, before they took over. I thought that was strange, seeing how they are about to do something they have planned and decided to do. That was the first thing I noticed was their facial expressions, and how they held their presence. The terrorists represent anti-heroes obviously, seeing how they are violent, and manipulative.

united-93To me, the emotional effect is the most important aspect. The entire movie there is no music, until the very end when the passengers are fighting against the terrorists to try to take control of the plane. In that moment, music starts playing, which creates an emotional effect as you know that the end is coming. I also found it interesting how since there wasn’t any music, you hear more chatter, and sounds of the surroundings which brings you into that moment, and make you in a way more emotionally involved because you are saddened knowing that this is their last moments. For me, that drawn me more into the movie, and created an emotional atmosphere. This story represents man vs man. It’s the flight passengers and crew against the terrorists. This is very important as it’s the whole basis of the storyline, and is without this character conflict, the story wouldn’t be there.

flight-93-abI loved the movie, but I wish there was more of a storyline that followed. I felt like it was choppy, and went back and forth from the flight control center, to the plane, which for them to get the story across, I guess that was best, but I just felt like it was so much back and forth, that it got confusing at times. I think this film is a great film for anyone, even children, seeing how it is covering a historical event that they do need to be aware of. I remember where I was during 9/11. I remember how I was told, and what was going through my mind, so that brought another aspect to this film experience for me. Overall,  I’d give it an A-.


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