“Dig a way down in your heart”- a footloose review

Footloose, a music-driven film, is about a Midwestern town that has a strange law: dancing is illegal. Ren McCormack, who recently moved to this small town, is stunned 44651-footloose-1984when he hears this news. Something he loves, music and dance, now banned from his life. His time in this town starts off rocky, but from the first day, he meets Willard and Ariel, two people that will help him change this town. Ren, along with the other characters have a dance off in town late one night, and the Ariel’s father, a Reverend, and strict enforcer of the law, catches them, and that provides the inciting incident. From that moment on, he’s determined to change this conservative town, and show them that music and dance is not a sin, and that it can actually be a positive thing. But is he able to introduce dancing and music back into the town? And if he does, how will they be affected, or divided?

footloose-1024x671This film takes on a few genres: musical, drama, and teen. This film is strongly based on music, obviously with the theme and the story question. It fits into the background musical category, with music being needed to understand the story. There’s one scene in particular that I found fascinating with how music played a part, was this scene in the mechanic shop, where Ren is dancing, and being very dramatic about the town not allowing music, and he’s being very expressive, and without music playing, the scene wouldn’t be as dramatic. And as you know, without the music, there wouldn’t a storyline.
But also, along with being a musical, it also fits into the theme of drama and teen, since it’s aimed at a younger age demographic, and the ideas and plots have more of a problematic drama feel. The story is simply to entertain, but also to show how determination for change can be brought about in a positive way, and make a good change. I personally believe this film was worthy of award recognition. The original film, in 1984, was so loved that they had a remake, that is just as worthy of recognition, in 2011.
This film is very much plot driven. The whole film is about bringing music back to a town where it is banished, creating a dynamic and intriguing storyline. The characters play a huge part, by having Ren as the romantic hero has he is put to the test of trying to bring back dancing to the town. Ariel is a strong willed character that wants to defy her parents wishes, and teams up with Ren to bring something she loves back to life. Willard is the friend that you always wanted. He brings a comedic aspect to the film, along with a slightly innocent side, and rises to the cause to help those around.

I believe this film was a success because of the storyline being unique, and relatable to some. Whether or not you relate exactly, with wanting to change a law against dancing, we all have the desire to change something in life. And this movie gives you the motivation to step up, and fight for what you want, even though it’s not screaming that at you. It’s just a slight nudge of motivation.

This film was very entertaining, from the very beginning. The music provided was just the right amount, and was not too overbearing. The actors and actresses did a fantastic job at portraying the characters, and their roles. I would give it an A, and would highly recommend it to anyone that has an interest in musicals.


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