Political Zootopia

1026834-disney-unveils-new-clips-zootopiaZootopia, is a Disney film that can be geared for all ages. Although when you first see the advertisements for the film, you might assume this film is just another Disney children’s film, but when you sit down, with your popcorn and soda, and start to watch it, you realize that you will actually gain something from this film.

ZOOTOPIAZootopia, a city where they gain their first bunny cop, Judy. Judy soon realizes that enforcing the law isn’t easy, and she must step outside her comfort zone to do her job within the police force. She is so eager to make a difference, that she takes on a case that others say is useless, but she has a fire inside her to solve this case, but in order to do so, she must join forces with Nick Wilde, sly fox.

This film has a few genres it can fit into: mystery, crime and comedy. With it being about a police force, and solving crimes, it fits into that genre, but it also has a little side of mystery. The film doesn’t leave you always on the edge of your seat, by adding some comedic elements.
407491_042The message of this film falls along the lines of politics. Judy, a female cop, is struggling to find her places in the task force. As a bunny, she is smaller than the rest, and Chief Bogo, does not see that she is capable of much. She must not only compete for acceptance because of her size, but also because of her gender, which is also something that is very common in society today. When you look more critically into the film, you notice that the predators are actually representing the minority, and the prey is everyone else.

Throughout the story, you ask yourself this question : Will Judy give up based on the roles society has given her, or will she stand up for her dreams and desires.

This movie succeeded because of not only it’s appeal to younger children, but also for how relatable it is for adults as well, with the political aspect. Overall, I give this film an A, and highly recommend it for all ages. 

Tweet: Grab your popcorn and soda, and watch as a small bunny and sly fox work together to solve the town’s biggest mystery.


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