The Toys Come Alive.

toy_story_logoToy Story is a film released in 1995, directed and written by John Lasseter. Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are a few of the well-known voice actors for this film. Toy story is an animated adventure children’s film that is a classic. It follows a storyline of a young child named Andy who has a special relationship with his toys. When Andy closes the door, his toys come alive, and lead an interesting life. A cowboy figurine, Woody, feels like he’s the boys best friend. He then is worried when he realizes that his family is moving, but on top of that, Andy receives a new toy, a spaceman, named Buzz Lightyear. In Buzz’s mind, he is not simply a toy, but in fact real.  Woody soon becomes threatened that he is going to be replaced.maxresdefault-2

Woody experiences an immense amount of jealousy, when Buzz soon becomes Andy’s favorite over him. He decides that the only way to become Andy’s favorite again is to get rid of Buzz.  Because of this jealousy, Woody and Buzz find themselves away from home, with no idea how to get back. Will they be able to work together to find their way back to Andy’s before he moves? Will they be able to get past Sid Phillips, a kid that hates toys?
Toy Story is a fantastic animated film by Disney. It’s won and been nominated for many awards, including awards at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. It accumulated $191,796,233 in Box Office sales. This film succeeded in my opinion because it is about something that all children love: toys. And as a child, you typically have a large imagination. In your world, your toys come alive, and they have feelings and such. So this film is going to appeal to children because it’s something that fits into their imagination, and they can relate to on some level. To them, this isn’t just another animated fictional film, but it’s a part of their childhood.

1314172-toy-story-desktop-backgroundsI first saw this film when I was younger. It was one of my favorites. Now revisiting this film many years later, it still brings me back to my childhood. As a young adult, I still found this film entertaining. It’s a film that anyone at any age can enjoy, because either it sparks their imagination as a child, or it reminds an adult of their childhood. I give this film an A, and recommend sitting down, grabbing some popcorn, and watch these toys come alive on your television screen.


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