The Toys Come Alive.

toy_story_logoToy Story is a film released in 1995, directed and written by John Lasseter. Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are a few of the well-known voice actors for this film. Toy story is an animated adventure children’s film that is a classic. It follows a storyline of a young child named Andy who has a special relationship with his toys. When Andy closes the door, his toys come alive, and lead an interesting life. A cowboy figurine, Woody, feels like he’s the boys best friend. He then is worried when he realizes that his family is moving, but on top of that, Andy receives a new toy, a spaceman, named Buzz Lightyear. In Buzz’s mind, he is not simply a toy, but in fact real.  Woody soon becomes threatened that he is going to be replaced.maxresdefault-2

Woody experiences an immense amount of jealousy, when Buzz soon becomes Andy’s favorite over him. He decides that the only way to become Andy’s favorite again is to get rid of Buzz.  Because of this jealousy, Woody and Buzz find themselves away from home, with no idea how to get back. Will they be able to work together to find their way back to Andy’s before he moves? Will they be able to get past Sid Phillips, a kid that hates toys?
Toy Story is a fantastic animated film by Disney. It’s won and been nominated for many awards, including awards at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. It accumulated $191,796,233 in Box Office sales. This film succeeded in my opinion because it is about something that all children love: toys. And as a child, you typically have a large imagination. In your world, your toys come alive, and they have feelings and such. So this film is going to appeal to children because it’s something that fits into their imagination, and they can relate to on some level. To them, this isn’t just another animated fictional film, but it’s a part of their childhood.

1314172-toy-story-desktop-backgroundsI first saw this film when I was younger. It was one of my favorites. Now revisiting this film many years later, it still brings me back to my childhood. As a young adult, I still found this film entertaining. It’s a film that anyone at any age can enjoy, because either it sparks their imagination as a child, or it reminds an adult of their childhood. I give this film an A, and recommend sitting down, grabbing some popcorn, and watch these toys come alive on your television screen.


Political Zootopia

1026834-disney-unveils-new-clips-zootopiaZootopia, is a Disney film that can be geared for all ages. Although when you first see the advertisements for the film, you might assume this film is just another Disney children’s film, but when you sit down, with your popcorn and soda, and start to watch it, you realize that you will actually gain something from this film.

ZOOTOPIAZootopia, a city where they gain their first bunny cop, Judy. Judy soon realizes that enforcing the law isn’t easy, and she must step outside her comfort zone to do her job within the police force. She is so eager to make a difference, that she takes on a case that others say is useless, but she has a fire inside her to solve this case, but in order to do so, she must join forces with Nick Wilde, sly fox.

This film has a few genres it can fit into: mystery, crime and comedy. With it being about a police force, and solving crimes, it fits into that genre, but it also has a little side of mystery. The film doesn’t leave you always on the edge of your seat, by adding some comedic elements.
407491_042The message of this film falls along the lines of politics. Judy, a female cop, is struggling to find her places in the task force. As a bunny, she is smaller than the rest, and Chief Bogo, does not see that she is capable of much. She must not only compete for acceptance because of her size, but also because of her gender, which is also something that is very common in society today. When you look more critically into the film, you notice that the predators are actually representing the minority, and the prey is everyone else.

Throughout the story, you ask yourself this question : Will Judy give up based on the roles society has given her, or will she stand up for her dreams and desires.

This movie succeeded because of not only it’s appeal to younger children, but also for how relatable it is for adults as well, with the political aspect. Overall, I give this film an A, and highly recommend it for all ages. 

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“Dig a way down in your heart”- a footloose review

Footloose, a music-driven film, is about a Midwestern town that has a strange law: dancing is illegal. Ren McCormack, who recently moved to this small town, is stunned 44651-footloose-1984when he hears this news. Something he loves, music and dance, now banned from his life. His time in this town starts off rocky, but from the first day, he meets Willard and Ariel, two people that will help him change this town. Ren, along with the other characters have a dance off in town late one night, and the Ariel’s father, a Reverend, and strict enforcer of the law, catches them, and that provides the inciting incident. From that moment on, he’s determined to change this conservative town, and show them that music and dance is not a sin, and that it can actually be a positive thing. But is he able to introduce dancing and music back into the town? And if he does, how will they be affected, or divided?

footloose-1024x671This film takes on a few genres: musical, drama, and teen. This film is strongly based on music, obviously with the theme and the story question. It fits into the background musical category, with music being needed to understand the story. There’s one scene in particular that I found fascinating with how music played a part, was this scene in the mechanic shop, where Ren is dancing, and being very dramatic about the town not allowing music, and he’s being very expressive, and without music playing, the scene wouldn’t be as dramatic. And as you know, without the music, there wouldn’t a storyline.
But also, along with being a musical, it also fits into the theme of drama and teen, since it’s aimed at a younger age demographic, and the ideas and plots have more of a problematic drama feel. The story is simply to entertain, but also to show how determination for change can be brought about in a positive way, and make a good change. I personally believe this film was worthy of award recognition. The original film, in 1984, was so loved that they had a remake, that is just as worthy of recognition, in 2011.
This film is very much plot driven. The whole film is about bringing music back to a town where it is banished, creating a dynamic and intriguing storyline. The characters play a huge part, by having Ren as the romantic hero has he is put to the test of trying to bring back dancing to the town. Ariel is a strong willed character that wants to defy her parents wishes, and teams up with Ren to bring something she loves back to life. Willard is the friend that you always wanted. He brings a comedic aspect to the film, along with a slightly innocent side, and rises to the cause to help those around.

I believe this film was a success because of the storyline being unique, and relatable to some. Whether or not you relate exactly, with wanting to change a law against dancing, we all have the desire to change something in life. And this movie gives you the motivation to step up, and fight for what you want, even though it’s not screaming that at you. It’s just a slight nudge of motivation.

This film was very entertaining, from the very beginning. The music provided was just the right amount, and was not too overbearing. The actors and actresses did a fantastic job at portraying the characters, and their roles. I would give it an A, and would highly recommend it to anyone that has an interest in musicals.

United 93

united-93-2United 93 is a crime and drama film, that goes into the historical event of 9/11, when terrorists hijacked flight 93. You first are drawn to the individuals in the beginning, making phone calls, making plans for after they arrive, and how they’re completely unaware to what’s about to occur once they get on the plane. The inciting incident is when plane control center gets a suspicion that one plane was possibly hijacked. They were obviously worried, but they also thought, no way this is possible. Little did they know that it wasn’t even just one plane, but four. Which leads to the story question- will anyone step in to save their lives, or will it be lost by the hands of these terrorists.

The first thing I noticed at the beginning of the film was how the shots are changed rapidly. They didn’t focus on one person too long. They’d switch to multiple different people, and what they’re doing- talking on the phone to a loved one, grabbing their bag, or giving a hug. To me, this showed how each person had their own life, the moments happen quickly, and each of these people did not know that this would be their last phone call, their last trip, or their last hug.

images-7Another thing I noticed was that almost every single hijacker looked nervous, or in a way sad, in the beginning as they are sitting on the plane, before they took over. I thought that was strange, seeing how they are about to do something they have planned and decided to do. That was the first thing I noticed was their facial expressions, and how they held their presence. The terrorists represent anti-heroes obviously, seeing how they are violent, and manipulative.

united-93To me, the emotional effect is the most important aspect. The entire movie there is no music, until the very end when the passengers are fighting against the terrorists to try to take control of the plane. In that moment, music starts playing, which creates an emotional effect as you know that the end is coming. I also found it interesting how since there wasn’t any music, you hear more chatter, and sounds of the surroundings which brings you into that moment, and make you in a way more emotionally involved because you are saddened knowing that this is their last moments. For me, that drawn me more into the movie, and created an emotional atmosphere. This story represents man vs man. It’s the flight passengers and crew against the terrorists. This is very important as it’s the whole basis of the storyline, and is without this character conflict, the story wouldn’t be there.

flight-93-abI loved the movie, but I wish there was more of a storyline that followed. I felt like it was choppy, and went back and forth from the flight control center, to the plane, which for them to get the story across, I guess that was best, but I just felt like it was so much back and forth, that it got confusing at times. I think this film is a great film for anyone, even children, seeing how it is covering a historical event that they do need to be aware of. I remember where I was during 9/11. I remember how I was told, and what was going through my mind, so that brought another aspect to this film experience for me. Overall,  I’d give it an A-.

Steven Price

image_update_imgSteven Price is an Oscar-Winning composer for three well known films, Gravity, Batman Begins and the very popular Lord of the Rings. lord-of-rings-trilogyI thought his interview was quite interesting. He stated, “I grew up playing music. I love not having a proper job, and I get to play with instruments all day.” I think a composers job is pretty cool! You get to do what you love, and make a career out of it. One thing he said that I never really thought about, was how songs make the movie experience. Songs change the pacing and set the mood. He stated it’s like psychology and storytelling combined. That’s an interesting way to think about it. But it’s true. Music is what controls how you perceive the storyline. maxresdefaultWithout music, you don’t have a mood set, so composers are vital to the film industry.

Film Interview

Deborah Hardy, from Gainesville, Ga, 64, is a white female who has grown to have a love of movies. When she was younger, going to the theaters was a privilege, not something she got all to experience all the time. She stated, “going to see a movie in theaters was expensive. I don’t remember the first movie I saw, but I know it was at a drive-in-theater. I went with a guy, and it’s similar to theaters today. There was a concession stand, but we obviously had to walk a little bit to get to it, and we ordered popcorn and a coke”.


When asked about her experience with video stores, she says, “When I was raising my children, we’d visit the video stores. We’d always have the hardest time trying to choose a film, and we’d usually leave with multiple ones because the decision was too hard, and no one could agree.” She goes on to say, “my children love films just as much as I do. I remember when Star Wars and Jaws were released. For me, it wasn’t my taste. I would watch it, but only because my children wanted to. My son absolutely loved Star Wars, and it became an obsession of his. Now he works in the film industry, working on sets, doing whatever needs to be prepared to get the set ready for filming.”star-wars-theater-lines-vintage-2

Hardy stated that even though she couldn’t afford to go to a movie theater often when she was younger, she acquired a love for films. “I love all films”, she exclaims, “but I tend to gravitate towards love stories and romance, similar to the Notebook. But I’m a strong Christian, so I always go and watch any faith-based films that come out in theaters”. But her love for films didn’t just stay with attending theaters, she then became collecting movies. “I typically watch films on dvds, and I have grandchildren, so I always buy every Disney movie that is released. My husband and I started collecting films, starting with VHS tapes, and then when DVD’s came out, I rebought all of them on DVDs and now continue with this. We have hundreds of DVDs collected, and we plan to continue this. It’s something we have loved doing, and our grandchildren love it as well, knowing that they can find almost any movie they want to watch on our shelves”.

dvd-cases-740In closing, I asked her how things have changed for her and her film experience over the years, and she states, “my film experience has changed a lot over the past twenty years. I used to only go to the theaters as a privilege. Now, I only go maybe once every six months, and sometimes more often, just depends on if a film is released that I really want to see. But I typically wait, and buy it on DVD, and have family come over to my house, and we watch the movie together. It’s a fun family tradition. But the last film I saw was The Life I Live, about Joey Fleek. I just couldn’t wait for that to come out on DVD, so I made a trip to the theater. Everyone has their own film experience, and I think mine was okay, because I obviously found a love for films, looking at my shelves with hundreds of movies. Even though I didn’t get to always go to the theaters, I did find a love for it”.  

“The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia” {Option 3}


  • Narrator
  • Andy
  • Seth
  • Judge
  • Lawyer
  • Georgia Patrol Officer
  • Little Sister

Setting: Overall, the story takes place in Georgia. But there’s events in the story that take place at Web’s, a bar, and Andy’s house.

Inciting Incident: When the narrator decides to stop by Web’s bar for a drink, and he sees his friend, Andy, and he informs him that his wife is cheating on him.

Conflict: Narrator is informed his wife is cheating on him. The narrator decides to visit Andy’s house. On his way there, he sees footprints that are too small for Andy. When he looks inside the house, he sees Andy dead on the floor in a pile of blood.

Resolution: The judge decides that the narrator is guilty for murdering Andy, when in fact his younger sister murdered Andy for being with the narrator’s wife. The narrator was then hung for the murder.

The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia- Reba McEntire