“Psycho” Review

images-6Psycho, is a horror/mystery film from 1960. It is about a secretary who runs away with $40,000 from a client, which is the inciting incident of the film. On her escape, she stops by a motel and karma catches up to her. She is then killed, and the story unfolds as her family searches for answers. This film is considered rated R, which honestly I don’t quite understand, but I guess the film standards were quite different back then, making it a rated R film. It’s also a horror, and mystery film, which makes sense, but personally I did not believe it was scary, but I see how it fits under that genre. I don’t think there’s a higher meaning to the story. I believe it’s just simply to entertain. But I felt that the story was not complete. I felt like it just ended, and I wasn’t quite sure the point of the story, or the film in general. So I didn’t really know what the story question was. I struggled with that. After further evaluation, the story question could be two different questions: Would Marian get caught? and will Norman Bates get caught? Like I mentioned, I felt like the story was kind of incomplete, and personally didn’t feel like it was worthy of award recognitions. But I guess in the time period it originally came out in, it was worthy of it. The main character, Marian, a dynamic character, impacted the story in a huge way seeing how she was the one that stole the money, and that’s how the story unfolded. She also relates to the tragic literary hero. This because everything bad that happened to her was a result of her own doing. And then you have Norman Bates, the other main character, who is dynamic. He is the one that runs the motel. Without him, the story would not be able to take place, obviously since he is the one completing the murders.


I believe the most important aspect of the film is the plot. Without the storyline, you’d have no story. And I felt like the film didn’t really have much depth and was honestly boring in my opinion, and the only thing it really had was a somewhat interesting storyline at times. This film is definitely Man vs Man, seeing how it’s Marian against Norman, and then Norman against the other characters.


I think the weakest points of this film was the storyline. I felt at times it was dull, and very predictable. I was extremely bored, and was very confused to what the story question was, and what the point of the film was. I think this film could have done so much better if the storyline was a little more thought out. I think the strongest part would be the characters chosen for the film. They fit the roles, to a point. I was expecting to be scared, with it being listed as a horror film, but at no point in the film was I scared. I was just left confused. If I had to give this a grade, I’d give Psycho a C. That being because I think it could have had potential, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea, so to speak.


Field of Dreams Evaluation

In the film, Field of Dreams, a farmer decides to go against everything logical, and listen to voices that tell him to build a baseball field in his backyard. This ultimately takes up his space to grow corn, causing financial stress to his family. He decides to defy logic, and go with what his heart is telling him, and build the field, and then runs into the problem of having people come use the field. The inciting incident appears when a baseball player, who is dead, appears on the field. That’s when everything changes for this Iowa farmer. The story question, “When should you choose to defy logic, and follow your heart”, was a question that was on his mind all throughout the movie, along with the mind of his wife, who wasn’t sure what side to be on: logics, or her husbands. This film serves as a family drama, and is quite captivating from the beginning, as you try to figure out the point of the story, and honestly, why characters are appearing from the dead.

I honestly believe this story is simply to entertain, and is probably more geared to someone that enjoys baseball. But, I also believe that there can be a deeper meaning. The main character, Ray Kinsella, has to decide when to continue with this idea, and dream, and when to stop, before it destroys his family, and everything they have. He is the protagonist, and is the leading character. He struggles with what to do, but each time, decides that he wants to follow his instincts, and go for it. You then have his wife, Annie, who is struggling with wanting to make sure their family stays afloat, and they don’t lose their home, but also being supportive of her husband, and what he feels like he must do. You also have Mark, Annie’s brother, who is completely against Ray and his decisions. He doesn’t support him, or the fact that Annie at times supports him. You then have the main baseball player, which makes the first appearance, Joe Jackson. Him, along with Terence Mann, are the other focuses in this film, and both bring different meanings, along with a little comedy coming from Mann.

Personally, I was a bit confused with this storyline, but I think the most important aspect is the plot. Focusing on the story is very important. Without the storyline, there’d be no point to it all. Although I was a bit confused with where the story was going, I think it was the most important aspect of this film.

For this film, I believe it falls under two character conflicts: Man vs Himself, and Man vs The Unknown. For Man vs Himself, Ray is constantly battling with what to do, whether to follow what he believes is right, or listen to logic. You then have Man vs The Unknown, because you have voices talking to Ray, that he doesn’t know who it is, telling him what to do.

I think the weakest points of the story is from the beginning, it’s kind of confusing. I felt like it didn’t really have a purpose. Although I enjoyed the film, I felt like they could have had a more detailed back story, or more detail in general, or a more obvious point to the story. I believe this film is appropriate for families, but I think it’d be more entertaining for someone interested in baseball, or sports. Overall, I’d give this film a B. It was a good film, but it wasn’t my favorite.

“Twelve Years a Slave” evaluation


Twelve Years a Slave is a film that takes place before the Civil War, and is about the kidnapping and selling of a free black man into slavery. He was from upstate New York, and one day, what seemed to be an innocent meeting with two men, turned out to be the beginning of something that would change his life forever. That inciting incident leads to this question, “Will Solomon Northup ever be free again”. Solomon is sold to a malicious owner in the south. He struggles and faces years among years of unimaginable cruelty. His faith and strength is put to the test as he encounters many hardships, and decisions to make along the way. Every day he claims he doesn’t want to just survive, but he wants to live, and he shows just that throughout the entire movie. He is in slavery for twelve years, until his paths cross with an abolitionist, who decides that Solomon is worth the fight for.

This film has a combination of several genres. The first is biography, seeing how it is based on the book, Twelves Years a Slave, written by Northup himself. It also is a drama, because of the realistic characteristics this movie contains, and also a Historical genre because this story is a huge part of history within the events of slavery.

Personally, I do not believe this film is set to simply entertain. I believe it’s to be used for more on an educational stance. Seeing how it’s about slavery, and Northup, and it’s historical, I believe it’s goal was to provide a deeper meaning. I say that it’s plan was to open the eyes of people, who might not care much, or know much about slavery, and show them a true story of something that happened, and give them a two hour view into the lives of slaves. I believe the story was amazing at doing this, and if it’s goal was to educated and provide a sense of understanding towards this part of history, I believe it did its job.

This story is worth award recognition because of it’s amazing portrayal of slavery at this time in history. It did a fantastic job at showcasing exactly how the lives of slaves were, right down to small details that we might not think about, like the desire to have soap to wash their body with, like was seen in the movie. The film not only pays attention to big details, but also makes sure the little details are met as well, which gives the viewer a better look at what actually occurred during that time. I believe the screenwriters did a fantastic job at the language, tone, and words chosen to be used. The movie was overall very well made, and captivated you from the very beginning. It’s an emotional movie, that gives you the chills, and that reason alone is why it deserves the award recognition it received.


Each character had their own impact on the film. Obviously Solomon Northup had the biggest impact, seeing how he is the protagonist. His presence throughout the entire film brought a sense of hope, and calmness. His character seemed to always have a calm demeanor about himself, and it helped balance the story out, when all the other characters were not so calm. Edwin Epps, his last slave owner, portrayed a very malicious man, and that impacted the story in a very big way, making you literally fear for the slaves lives. You also have Brown and Hamilton, the two men that drugged him, and took him to be sold. If it wasn’t for them, Northup would never have been sold into slavery. So they both impacted the story in probably one of the biggest ways.

Personally, I believe the emotional aspect was the most important aspect of the film for me. The storyline sparked an emotion, whether sadness, anger, or happiness, and that helped the film along. If it didn’t bring some sort of emotion, then it would not have been doing it’s job.

This film shows man vs. man. It’s Solomon Northup against the slave masters, including Ford and Epps. The entire movie is him up against someone. It was like he never caught a break, until twelves years later.


This film did an amazing job at showcasing slavery. It brought up emotions, and awareness for these encounters in history. This movie made me want to cry almost from the very beginning. I was intrigued, and really captivated by the film. The screenwriters did a fantastic job at the script, and the actors did great at portraying it. I believe anyone that is interested in learning about history, or slavery should watch this film. It’s one of the best films I have seen that documents this part of history in an accurate, yet heart wrenching way.

What film means to me.

I’m Brittany, 14102362_10207562610325077_592696558178578861_nand I grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia. With Atlanta having a huge film industry (and having family the works in the industry), I was always hearing about the latest films being released in theaters, and also film festivals. But unlike most, I have a slightly different taste in films.

I have a very hard time staying interested in a movie, and if I’m not interested in the first few minutes, I honestly have a hard time staying awake. I rarely like watching movies for this very reason, because most don’t interest me. I’ll be the first to say I’m not a huge Disney fan. I just don’t like to watch a movie multiple times. The whole Frozen epidemic made no sense to me. I watch a movie once, and then I have no urge to watch it again for a while, if I ever decide to even watch it a second time. That’s just how I am with films. So I don’t typically have any movie that I love so much that I could watch over and over.


The first movie I ever remember despising was Catch Me If You Can. I absolutely hated that movie. A few years after I saw it the first time, I watched it again in my Forensics class in High School and I loved it. I had a different perspective, and thoroughly enjoyed the film. Shows that sometimes with the change of perspective your opinion of a film can change.

Film genres I hate are Sci-Fi. I’ve seen a few, but they just didn’t interest me. I’ve never seen Star Wars or anything along those lines because it’s a genre that doesn’t captivate me, and doesn’t seem worth my time.

My favorite movies are the ones that first of all keep my attention, and keep you guessing. I don’t like a film to be predictable. I love comedies. I don’t like to watch anything that will make me cry, or make me sad. I’d much rather laugh than cry. The Madea d6f91c78c891716bd71d12d3aa7d677fmovies are some of my favorites (and I might be a little biased since they are typically filmed near my hometown). I love any movie with Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, and Adam Sandler. There was actually a film with Adam Sandler, titled Blended, that was filmed in my hometown of Buford, Georgia two years ago. I got the opportunity to see parts of it be filmed and it was quite fascinating.




Below I have attached the trailer to Blended, which shows an example of my favorite type of film.

I think films should be captivating, and entertaining. If it can make me laugh, and keep me awake, then I say that the film was a good choice, and will have a good review from me.